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Since the global pandemic, the popularity of urban landscaping and gardening is steadily increasing. From central London to its outer boroughs, the importance of nature has become of importance for many citizens, particularly homeowners.

London is the home to an increasing amount of urban gardens.

The growth of this recent trend is highlighted by The Chelsea Flower Show, small space gardening will return to The Chelsea Flower Show 2022 for the second time, following the success of last year's Balcony and Container Garden categories. The show will highlight garden designs for those lacking outdoor space. Whether you want to redesign your balcony or small outdoor space, the categories will demonstrate how anyone with limited outdoor options can create their very own garden sanctuary.

Usually urban gardens are surrounded by buildings and high walls. Therefore it is a good idea to make the most of the backdrops and the conditions these provide, you can do this by growing plants that thrive in shade and growing climbers. Painting walls and using lighter-coloured paving can also brighten darker areas in addition to variegated plants and glossy-leaved plants.

Living in a city usually comes at a price of lack of privacy due to nearby properties overlooking your garden and nearby roads creating a lot of noise and pollution. However, plants are a great solution to this as you can use them to create your own private haven. Bamboos, small trees and climbers can provide the privacy you need. In addition, pergolas, fencing and trellis are also excellent ways to build privacy in your urban garden.

What you lose in space compared to living in rural areas, you often gain in terms of warmth and shelter through having a garden in the city. There are many exotic plants and trees that thrive in cities that would not survive in rural areas. An example of this is the big-leaved blue-flowered agapanthus, this plant along with many others survives with extra warmth and shelter. Therefore, making the most of your garden is important to contribute to maintaining biodiversity, particularly in urban areas such as London.

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