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Austin Homes love selling property in and around London and are regarded as one of the leading agents in the United Kingdom’s capital. Whether you’re looking for your first one bedroom home or a mansion in Belgravia Austin Homes have an experienced team that understands all house buying matters. We also support a number of new home housebuilders and institution property owners allowing us to deliver an unparalleled sales service to buyers and sellers.

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London’s property market does have some unique characteristics and for example, cladding matters or short leaseholds are to always be considered, also certain areas have a very high demand from buyers and these points need to be considered when undertaking property valuations.

Our team is deeply experienced in the London property for sale marketing place and do feel free to get in touch today.

At Austin Homes, our sales team is dedicated to making the right people know about your property. We have a 50% higher viewing rate than our competitors in East London, as we have our skilled marketing team working alongside our agents to sell your home in record time. We intend to use our social media platforms to market your properties as well as our online property portals to give them the best exposure to the London market. Our expert negotiators are always in contact with the buyer of your property, their mortgage brokers and solicitors.